Regrouped and moving ahead

Thanks for all your support recently. I have regrouped and I have contacted my school of choice.
The dean had advised me to retake the MCAT. She told me that after a 10 year hiatus from taking the MCAT and from taking my UG courses, a 22R (finally posted my score) was not bad at all. They would like to see a 25+.
She told me that they are willing to not turn my application down right away but they want to see my April score, so I may be waitlisted. If by June there is a spot and I score well, I may start next year. If not, she advised my to reapply in the next round and I may know by October.
From this I gather that she is advising me that if I do not get a spot for this August, to apply ED for 2007.
I re-started Kaplan last night and I retook my science diagnostic. Boy what a difference a year makes. I actually learned something. This confirms my suspicion that my score was the result of running out of time with a lot of questions left. I had about 20 minutes to go, 30 questions and 4 passages to do and wound up guessing on many of the them.
Here are my diagnostics:
2004 (%) 2005(%)
PS 23 50
BS 45 67
OC 40 60
GC 37 50
With 6 months to go and a study schedule I am sticking to I should be fine.
Just thought you guys might want to know.

Good for you for hanging in there!!!
Plenty schools do the very thing this school is proposing to do that is, waitlist you unitl your April 2006 scores are received. I always say that “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” and my life is certainly a living testimony to that!!!
Good luck!!

I am so glad that things may not be as bleak as you once thought! Keep you chin up and your nose to the grindstone! You can show them what you are capable of come April! I wish you the very best!

You go, Gabe! I love the whole tone of this post, and I know you’ll kick butt!

Hey Gabe, that sounds like a great plan. Good luck, and I know you’ll stick to it!

By you showing the dean that you have the drive and desire surely must be a plus in your column too! Your plan to refresh and prep for the April MCAT sounds good. Knock it out of the park!

This is another great post for people to see how we, as nontraditional students, have the ability to overcome some seemingly pretty bad situations. Congrats on your drive–you are a great role model for all of us on this site!!

Congrats on your decision to hang in there! This is the attitude that we must have. We will be victorious in the end!!
Best wishes with your studies for the April '06 exam. I am right there with you.