Relatively Low Grades

Hey all. I am struggling and would like some thoughts, advice? I have been taking inorganic chemistry over the past two semesters. My grades are in the B to B+ range.

In my undergrad I graduated at the top of my program, received lots of honors, and did well in applied sciences. For my masters, I left with a 3.7 (and did that while working full time). These recent marks are really crushing, as I was expecting better marks in return for the investment of time. I have left my job and am studying full time, and still my grades are so so.

Recently I have sought help from the learning center at school, but I am astounded as to how hard this is. I have previously taken stats, biology, etc…but have never been intellectually challenged in this way. All of my classes are curved, so my actual performance is in fact lower than a B/B+. In my undergrad and grad school, none of my grades were curved.

As I go into the Orgo and Bio, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice, and maybe a sense of how it compares to Inorganic. I actually really love chemistry (another reason why this feels so strange), but think I’ll enjoy bio more (always have).

If you love chem, then I think it helps as learning it is not drudgery. From what I remember, organic is much more challenging than the entry level inorganic coures. Some refer to organic chemistry as the premed “weed-out” class. I remember putting in much more work, but enjoying the challenge.

Just keep the main thing the main thing. If you feel discouraged, just remember why you’re doing this.

Best of luck.

organic is pure memorization…you must know the reactions cold and when to use them. so use whatever method works best for you to memorize…make flashcards, write it out…whatever.

bio is a lot more fun.

and a b/b+ in inorganic is not the end of the world.

if you have been out for a few years it may take you a bit to get your groove back on.

i would advise you consulting with the learning center at our school early on in the semester for orgo. if you can set up a weekly time with a tutor. he/she should be able to help you decide what is important and what you need to know since he/she survived the class themselves.

keep trucking and tweak your methods…you will get there!!!

I agree with the onawingandaprayer. Orgo is memorization. That said, med school is a lot of memorization with less logical application. That was a challenge for me as I was someone who did well when I could understand the information and apply it. I had to learn how to do well in an academic environment that is structured around memorization. Good luck!!

MattJackson, thanks for reminding me that the fact that I like it will help. It’s easy to get freaked out about grades, which in my case may not help me all that much.

I think I am more comfortable with memorization than mathematical problem solving to tell you the truth - so perhaps orgo will work for me. And I have taken bio before and love it, and don’t mind retaking it. Onawing and tec…thanks. I guess even after two semesters I have some more to learn about learning in this environment. Sometimes, with all the young kids around me, I feel like an intellectual slowpoke. I don’t quite have the spunk that they do (and I’m only in my 30s!)

I guess I needed a bit of encouragement…thanks everyone!