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I am an ARNP/ Certified Nurse Midwife. Five years ago I decided that I really wanted to go to medical school. I started taking my pre-reqs. Took chem 2 (15 years after gen chem 1) did my physics. Orgo 1. was ready to sit my MCAT’s when my hands started to hurt.

After multiple tests, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was devistated and thought my dream of becoming a physician was over. Had a hard time justifying spending a whole bunch of money if I couldn’t preform the job in 8 years when I finished.

Problem is I just can’t seem to let this dream go away. I still day dream about becoming a physician. I love what I do but I hate being a “middle man” I hate not having the knowledge base of that of a physician. I get frustrated with the limitations of a mid level provider. Bottom line is I want to be a doctor.

My RA is being controlled with medications. Yes I still have bad days but I am on the verge to restarting this journey. Problem is it is now 2 years since my science classes.

Any suggestions to where to begin reviewing/relearning all of my information?


the midwife who wants more

Theresa -

As a fellow CNM, now med student, let me encourage you! I understand where you are in wanting to become a physician! I think there are two good ways to start reviewing. One is to watch the Khan Academy videos. The other is to take a review course, and review from your textbooks/the Khan Academy videos any concepts that you don’t recall well. I think a prep course will probably refresh the knowledge, show you where you need to concentrate your review time, and give you some good practice. Best of luck!



I am in a similar boat. I had to take a year off between my pre-reqs and taking the MCAT for personal reasons (mainly financial), and so my Bio, Chem, and Physics are 2 years old, and Orgo is a year old. I didn’t have the money to shell out for a review course (upwards of $1,000), so I have been doing self-study. There are a lot of review books out there, each with strengths and weaknesses. Because I was a bit rusty, I found The Princeton Review books very helpful, and the Examkrackers books less so. TPR has more detailed content, while EK is much more brief in their review. I’m not saying EK is bad, just that it wasn’t what I needed. And I second watching the Khan Academy videos. They are GREAT!

Best wishes to you, and keep us posted on your progress!

Hi, Theresa! Welcome!

I am taking the MCAT tomorrow, and I can’t say that I feel 100% prepared, but I don’t think I would ever feel 100% prepared. I think that is the nature of these tests, though. That being said, you can utilize every resource you can find to help you feel more prepared! I will add to above suggestions and throw in Chad’s video’s are great for learning and/or relearning. There were a few things for MCAT prep that I never had in regular classes and so was starting from scratch and Chad’s videos helped a lot for this and also for review. These are not free, but affordable, especially compared to the cost of a prep course. However, they may not be sufficient on their own but great in conjunction with review books. In areas you may need additional help, in addition to the MCAT videos on coursesaver there are also more in depth videos on physics, orgo, and genchem, too. Best of luck! I HAVE to get my butt off the computer now before I freak myself out anymore over tomorrow’s test!

Best of luck, Theresa!