Relevant Experience?

Hey all,

After speaking with my pre-med adviser, I have established a pretty good plan that will allow me to finish pre-reqs in May 2011. Longer then I planned to be in uGrad, but I guess that’s what happens when you have your medical epiphany senior year!

Anyways, I was looking into ways to get involved in the medical field to get some experience,shadowing, clinics, ect. All through out college I’ve been donating plasma to make medicine and help people ($ doesn’t hurt either!). I was considering working as a phlebotomist at the donation center. Does anyone else here work at a place like this? Are there any suggestions as to how many different activities and what kind do best to show that you are involved in the medical community. I imagine these are excellent places for LOR’s as well. There is a lot of talk on these forums about grades and such, but the more I look into this it seems that grades alone don’t get you all the way through the med school front door. Any advice in this realm would be appreciated!

That’s a pretty good idea Acct_to_MD. Also, once you becoming a phlebotomist you can probably also get yourself a per diem gig at a hospital near you. I know that the hospital I work in is always looking for phlebotomists…great way to get more clinical experience.