Requesting some input on my situation

I am a student-athlete going into my second semester of a junior year at a smaller university majoring in Biochemistry. My cumulative GPA from freshman to junior year in order is 3.243 -> 3.603 ->- 3.606 and my cumulative AMCAS GPA in order is 2.642 -> 3.281 -> 3.394. At the moment, my extracurriculars include a summer internship in clinical research, (so far) 3 years as a student-athlete, and time coaching kids in my respective sport during weekends and summers.

I am definitely planning on taking a gap year as I would like to focus on continuing the uptrend in my GPA as well as athletics. Additionally, I don’t think it would be beneficial for me to balance academics, athletics, and MCAT/med school applications simultaneously.

The main area that I would like some input and/or suggestions is how you recommend I use my gap year (either clinical/shadowing experience or post-bac) as well as how I should plan out the MCAT/application timeline with this gap year (or even two if it sees fit).

Any and all input or suggestions are greatly appreciated!