Residency and compensation.

Hello everyone!
I am an OPM in his 1st yer of prerequesites and I have a question.
Where as my passion lies in the direction of healing an compassion for those in need, I still must wander on the practical side.
Getting into med school is difficult and verry expensive. There will also (after med school) be a perio of years in resedency before any real salery is obtained.
So my question is. What is the remuneration, if any, during that residency?
Thank you!
P.S. Sorry about that dreded topic (Money) I know we are all students now and that means “tight money” by definition.

Hi there,
Residency salary depends on your location and level. Most PGY-1 residents start around $40K. You generally get some kind of meal allowance too for your meals on call.

Thank you much for your responce, this information will aid me dramatically as I find my way thru the financial jungle of medical training.