Resume Paper?

A nearby medical school is doing mock interviews for premed students and they requested we bring our resumes. I just uploaded a PDF of my resume to the UPS Store to print out since my printer just decided to spray pink ink all over the pages! An option they have for printing is “resume paper”. I tried looking into it and it seems it may be the thicker, or even textured, more expensive cotton paper you find sometimes.

Is this a pretentious move or a smart idea? It is only 0.38 cents to print for two pages. I don’t want to look like I am trying to show off and I have read many articles about making sure you fit in when you go to medical schools for interviews. Any opinions out there? If not resume paper then should I shoot for a heavier lb of paper than usual?

I would simply use regular paper. No reason to try to stand out at this point. Remain humble and respectful. It is just a mock interview to help you out. No need to overdo it.

Good luck.