Retake a 506 for this cycle?

Just got done listening to the podcast concerning this topic. I took 13 FLs. AAMC FLs were 512,515(1.5 weeks before),523(four days before test). I was obviously expecting to score much higher. It seems the test day stress beat me which is unusual. I don’t really have time to study for a retake but do I really need to? My pride is obviously wounded but a 506 isn’t a death sentence. Am I too neurotic? Thanks for the advice

If it were me and I knew I was capable of a higher score, I would take it.

Howdy, agentcross!

Does the 506 align with schools you want to go to? If so, I wouldn’t bother retaking it and focus, instead, on ensuring your GPA is solid and your extracurriculars are solid.

However, if you have your sights set on schools with more competitive scores and, as dartnon mentioned, you know you’re capable of a higher score, then retake it to achieve higher.

Good luck!