Retake or go with what I have.....

Well I got my scores back yesterday. 10 PS, 9 BS, 9 V, and a Q for a 28Q. My question pertains to sending int he rest of applicaitons and how long should I wait before I make a decison to retake the exam or not? Right now I have 13 applications in, 9 more to send in, and I am waiting on 10 schools to decide if my score was good enough to warrent a secondary. Should I wait until Dec. or Jan. and see how the schools react or should I just start now thinking I need to retake. Is a 28Q really terrible? Does anyone thing I will get an interview with it? BTW, my Undergrad grades from 1998 and before were pretty bad…around a 2.5, but my post bacc classes are around a 3.7. thoughts? Any experiences?

I’d go with what you have, respectable post grad gpa, good MCAT.

According to the AAMC you’re right around the sweet spot for those who got into medical school last year (average was 9.5 VR 9.9 PS 10.2 BS P WS).
Maybe you should ask the schools you’re most interested in whether your score is acceptable to them. After all, if they’re happy, you’re happy.

I’d go with what you have. I just had an interview in which an admissions staff member expressed satisfaction with my MCAT score and went on to say that it looked that much better "since you’ve only taken the test once."
Based on that I’m assuming that there’s some value to not taking the thing multiple times unless you’re convinced you can signficantly raise your score.

Hi there,
You should probably go with your scores and GPA but choose your schools carefully. Be sure that the rest of your application looks great too. The worst thing that can happen is that you do not get in. In that case, find out what the sticking point is and correct it. You are in range for a good number of schools.
You can’t do anything about your undergraduate grades but you have more than demonstrated that you are capable of handling the medical curriculum with your post-bacc work. Float the application and see what happens. If you have to re-apply, at least you will have the experience of what to do. I am sure that you will snag some interviews with what you have anyway.
Choose wisely and you may greatly benefit from some professional admissions counseling at this point to help you with your choices. This would be money well spent for you so consider this option.
Good luck and hit the ground running!

scores and such are not too bad. I assume by your presence here, that you have some other life? Schools often consider that as well. Some inquiry into that may be helpful in selecting what schools you apply too.