Retaking Science Courses for a 2nd time application to med school

Hi all,

I am almost 3 years out of college working as an ICU nurse and considering applying to med school for a second time. I had taken the majority of required pre reqs during my bachelor degree, so I am looking to strengthen my application by improving some grades I received in science courses, primarily Ochem.

I am now wondering if I should add in more Bio as well.

My stats include cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.5, 1st MCAT 504, 2nd MCAT 503. I took these bio/chem classes:

  • Ochem I: B
  • Ochem II: B-
  • Ochem lab: B+
  • Human Physiology: A-
  • General Microbiology: A
  • Biochemistry: A
  • (AP Bio)

I had reached out to several med school admissions who said that these Bio courses would be sufficient for the requirements. But I think I should take more.

My question now is should I be focusing on taking more upper level bio classes such as cell bio & genetics, or should I take Bio I and II.

To sum up, over the next year, I would take Ochem I, Ochem II, Cell bio, and Genetics (or Bio 1 & 2).

I also plan to retake the MCAT and think retaking some of these classes will help better prepare me for the MCAT.

I would appreciate any insight,