As a followup to my bad experience on my pedatrics rotation, about which I posted. We introduced the concept of “age discrimination”, whereby we are penalized for not fitting in the mold of the insecure 24 year old.
I debated for weeks whether to bring to the attention of the course director several irregularities of which I was the victim. I felt that it was not worth it, and I was afraid of professional retaliation. Then it dawned on me that this is how the world changes: we bring up respectfully issues. So I did. I e-mailed the course director and expressed my concern over the retaliatory nature of the feedback I had received.
Any ideas or experiences on whether it is worth it to protest, and on retaliatory measures due to said protest?

There are too many variables loaded into this or any similar ones to do much in the way prognostication. You can always maximize your chances for successfully lobbying for change/improvement by being a completely mature & professional you can muster. However, your actual yield depends upon the attitudes of the person you are appealing to, how well your intent was communicated & the scope of your insight/knowledge of the conditions you seek to change. Not to mention, since this specifically involves the behaviour/actions of another person, the magnitude of influence this person has over the individual you have approached in hopes of facilitating change.
Volumes have been written on how to go about these sorts of things…sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor.