Retired military, not the best GPA

I never wanted to be a doctor until about 2 years ago. I spent 2 decades in the military and ended up being medically retired due to illness, my experience thef last few years of my career dealing with this illness and interacting with physicians inspired me to follow this path. Here is the thing, as an enlisted soldier, GPA doesn’t matter, so there were a few times when I dropped my education completely for the sake of my mission as a soldier, resulting in some Fs. Heck, half of my credits were earned while deployed overseas. At the time this didn’t matter, I never planned on doing ANYTHING but being a soldier. Aside from those specific instances I made pretty good grades, I’m also making pretty good grades now, all As and Bs at this point. If I stay on this road I will get my cGPA to just over a 3.1, and my sGPA will be around a 3.5 by the time I finish my undergrad. There is still doubt in me that they would ever accept me though. Is there any way to explain this issue without sounding like I am trying to make an excuse about it?

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