Returning Member

I am returning to the forum after a long hiatus to complete the 1st 2 years of medical school. Finally, boards are over and rotations have started. So now I should have more time to contribute. I used to have a different profile name (PACMatt) but I forgot the password. So if a moderator reads this, feel free to delete the other account. Like OldmanDave, I was a returning student after being in healthcare (as a PA-C) for several years. Looking forward to talking to you guys.

Welcome back and congrats on getting the first two years behind you. I noticed your location says that you reside in TX? What medschool are you attending? Also, if you wouldn’t mind and when you have time, we would like to hear about your experiences during the first two years!

I attend UNTHSC-Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. I found the first 2 years of medical school very challenging, but I had it a lot easier than some others. My first advantage was being an older student, starting medical school just after turning 31. Our Dean’s List included those who had been in the top 10%, and commonly half of these people had children and were married. Our leaders of our class are definitely the older guys and gals. Our class president is in the top 10% and is a 35 year old father of 3. Our number 1 ranked person is the mother of a 7 year old daughter, and our number 2 ranked person is father of 2 at age 31 I know of at least 4-5 others who are older than myself, with children, and in the top 10%. And I am finding that for rotations it is actually an advantage to be older because the nurses and physicians respect that.
My second advantage was already being a PA and having learned a lot of this before. I also still work about 20 hours per week or so, sometimes only 10, but that has kept me grounded! I will be happy to entertain any questions as well.

Ahhh yes…TCOM. My first choice of schools. Congrats on getting through the first two years. I’m currently waitlisted there and holding on to a very teeny-tiny weebit of hope that I get a call before the end of July. It doesn’t look good though as I’ve gathered that most waitlists around the country have not moved much this year. That’s ok though…I’ll go to KCOM, enjoy it, and get an excellent education. Goodluck during MS-3!

Welcome back Matt! Nice to see ya around again. I was just at TCOM the 15th & 16th of June to take step 3. Was a massive relief to get that bad-boy outta the way. Now, I just hope I passed!
Again, welcome back!