reviewing for august MCAT

ya’ll, I am just beginning to review for the august MCAT. Is anybody else in my boat? If so, how many
hours do you think I need to spend studying daily/weekly at this point? What is your study schedule like?
By the way, I using EK. rolleyes.gif

I'm trying to put in 5 hours a day/night - more if I can manage it. I'm using Kaplan, so will be taken all of the exams and topic tests.

When exactly did you start? I started taking the Kaplan course in November but was unable to attend 90% of the sessions due to work, school, family etc. I hope I can pull this off.

I just started, May 19th.
What did you think of Kaplan? You can email me if you want to take this offline.

I thought it was great for anyone needing a structured environment for review but it is hard to give a true assessment because I missed so many classes. However I have literally fallen in love with EK.