RN before Med school?

Hello everyone! I have a question which has been asked before…I’m sure. I am now 42 and have always wanted to be a pediatrician…life however took me in the biomedical research field and a career that has been halted due to the economy and taking time out to care for my ailing mom (Breast ca). This experience made me realize that my dream of being a doctor is still alive in me (it has never been far from my mind). I’m single, no kids (just lots of cute, lovable nieces and nephews ), but my mom and her RN friends are pushing me towards BSN RN…I can do the one year accelerated RN, but want to apply to MD immediately after so I would only practice one year as an RN before hopefully starting med school. I already have all the pre-reqs done. I need your advise,…is this a good idea or should I just go for med school…I’m just afraid if I don’t get in, I’m still stuck whereas with a BSN I can at least work because right now I’m financially strapped. OK, lots of questions, I appreciate your help and advise.

Anything is doable in the end.

A couple things though - how old are your prereqs? Would retaking them help for the MCAT?

What kind of clinical experience do you have? Can you get that done before applying for medical school?

Schools want to know why you are switching into medicine, as a BSN or not, so you need to be able to answer that. They also want to know that you can handle the rigors of medical school. If you haven’t been in school for a long time, that might be a question for them.

Good luck!

Thanks DocGray!

To answer your questions, the issue of old pre-reqs was a very big deal to me (mostly because it was confusing what to do :)). After much consulting and getting answers on both sides of the spectrum, I decided to retake my pre-reqs. So those are recently done.

I also have clinical experience, I have shadowed a mix of DOs and MDs.

Research…yes! plenty, with publications…I ended my postdoc ( I am a Ph.D.) to take care of my mom.

I also have a long history of extra curriculars and community service.

I will be taking the MCAT in January (that’s the plan for now)

My plan is this, to apply and attend the one year BSN 2014-2015. That summer 2 years from now I will be done and will work for a year as an RN while applying to med school, hopefully get in, then continue to med school. If not, I can continue to work as an RN and try again for med school (this is plan B), my hope is someone will accept me so I can finally get to my ultimate goal .

I appreciate any advise. Also I saw some one with a similar post, apologies for duplicating, did not see it until late.

I think you should just go for med school or apply to post-bacc programs with med school linkage. Some adcoms frown upon RNs applying to med school and to apply one year after graduating could exacerbate this IMHO.

You sound ready NOW, so GO FOR IT!!!

PS- I think being a PA would be FAR more beneficial for your long term goals than being a BSN-RN.

Not sure about your plan. I understand the need for a steady paycheck, since I ain’t got one however I’m thinking more along the lines of how the RN plan will affect your MD plans. What I’ve learned and it’s constantly reinforced in speaking with physicians is they don’t really understand “plan B” talk. “If you want to be a physician then do it” is what they understand and the further along I get to applying the more I see where they’re coming from. If you think about it, that thinking applies to any goal we set. If your goal is X then Y follow Z -->ABC… to get back to X? Go for it. Especially with the PhD I think you’ll appear a bit triple-minded. You need to present, on paper, the idea that once you decided to become a physician that you committed whole heartedly to that decision and going RN doesn’t do that for you.

Take what is useful, discard the rest.

Thanks for your advise!

You are so right, I need to just go for it!!

I love my mom, but in this I have to do my own thing. And although I know about so many RNs who go into medicine, you are right that most of them work on the field for a few years before switching. Not sure about the PA idea, but I’ll look into it.

It seems like you and I are following similar paths. Good luck to you too!

Thanks everyone! great advise!!

I will continue on my path and not divert (again). Sometimes is hard to ignore the voices of those telling you which is a better path to take. Perhaps, but at the end of the day, what is best is the path I choose for me, and that is Medicine. I appreciate your help!!!

Hi Dreamer–strong work. I’m a RN/NP and I say go for medicine if that’s where your heart is!