RRT AA to BRRT w/premed prereqs added, or postbacc?

I went to college in my 20’s, got a BS in Kinesiology, pre-PT with a 2.7, then went on to ultrasound school instead and worked as that for years. When I went to college I was young, distractable, and in love with my future ex husband. I didn’t think my grades would ever haunt me. Now I’m back in school later in life and finishing up an AA in respiratory therapy. I’ve always wanted to go to med school but didn’t have the confidence in myself when I was younger to actually go for it, but here I am on this site… My question is should I finish out a 2nd Bachelors in RRT and add in the sciences for med school (I didn’t get A’s the first time obviously), OR, should I finish the AA, and do post bacc classes in physics, chem etc to get my GPA up from my first round of university? It seems “cleaner” to me to do it all as part of a 2nd BS, but I’d like to know other’s thoughts.