Running a marathon; not/Medschool/yes!

I am a Federal Government employee - have had a great career, have done some great work in public policy… but I ALWAYS wanted to work in medicine. Parents said - “Be a teacher” - did that; Loved Public Policy; M.A. and loved that too. BUT I stay up late at night listening to podcasts on airway management, latest best-practices in xyz, etc. And at work, end up helping everyone! Today it was a pregnant co-worker, 30 weeks, dizzy, nauseated - it was low-blood pressure - my dx. confirmed by a real doc.!!! It is too late? I am 50!!! And cannot ignore my passion any longer.

Never too late! &…

Never too late! I’m with you. I’m 54 and spend most of my time I taking the diagnosis challenges on NEJM. If you want it, you go for it. There is no reason not to live your dreams.

As I have always said knowledge can be learned but passion is either something you have or don’t have. I say go for it and hit the ground running! Good luck!