?'s to which you wish you had answers b4 applying

Hey everyone!! A colleague and I are presenting a mini-workshop for our pre-medical society, “From MCAT to acceptance: A guide to appying to medical school”, and I’m hoping our fantastic oldpremed group can give me some assistance!
In an effort to be as thorough as possible, I’d like some help from all of you. What questions did you (do you) have that you wish had been answered prior to applying to medical school? There are a few that seem to come up frequently here (i.e. what classes should I take besides the prereqs, when do the recommendation letters get sent out, etc.) but I’m sure there are hundreds more that I’ve not thought of.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

How do I ask a professor for a letter of recommendation?
How do I go about building a good relationship with a professor when the class size is over 200 students?
How do you study for the MCAT on your own vs. taking an expensive course?
How do I prove my leadership abilities to medical schools? Do I have to start a club or be a club president in order to demonstrate leadership?
Are there major differences among medical school curricula?
DO I need to do publishable research in order to get into a good medical school?
How do I get involved in research?
How do I make medical schools “notice” my application?
How old is “too old” for medical school?
How do I prepare for an interview?
How do I answer interview questions about my weaknesses?
Do medical school rankings really matter?
How do I pick the right medical school?
Does the name of my medical school matter when I am applying for residency (the “match”)?
Do you have to have straight A’s to go to medical school?
Do I have to have traveled abroad to make medical schools notice my application (peace corps, world travel, etc.)?
Good luck with your presentation!

My biggest question was about what to do since I had an unusual undergraduate transcript with no grades, GPA, or credit hours. All of my pre-reqs were graded P/F. I ended up calling every school I was interested in, but it would have been nice to have some info so I wouldn’t have had to do all of that!