salvaging a semester/burnout?

hey guys, hope you’re all well - i’m feeling a little blue and the usual crowd doesn’t understand - figured you would.

I was struggling along just fine, good grades for a year, and this semester just fell apart. Got sick, lost a week, probs with the house, lost another week, fell behind, and took a W in Chem and MicroB.

Now I’m falling behind in trig, and just tired all the time. I’m really worried about: pushing my schedule back another year, or just running out of give-a-sh*t. Math isn’t a strength for me, and I just get really weary thinking of Calc next year.

Anyone been there, and pulled it out?

The attitude, I mean.


yup, you bet, lots of us. This stuff isn’t easy. If it were, tons more people would be doing it and the pay for doctors would be like $10/hour.

Maybe use your course withdrawals to take a step back and examine what you’re doing–the parts you like, the parts you don’t. It’s a very tough road and you need to be enjoying at least parts of it. Reset yourself and dive in with fresh energy next semester.

If calculus isn’t your cup of tea, maybe consider not taking it. Trig is sufficient for many medical schools and it’s all that the MCAT requires. Calc is nice to have but don’t let it keep you out of med school.

Most important–don’t feel you have to rush. Medicine isn’t going anyway–it’s just sitting there, quietly, waiting for you. Use the time wisely and before you know it you’ll be there. Best of luck,

I feel you pain Lobelia, this is one of the lonliest roads I have taken. I have made the decision to lighten my load a couple of semesters too, which has made this process even longer that I had planned. It’s hard enough to keep up academically, and then there isn’t much support from friends or family for what we are doing either. They think we are crazy. I have had days when I just thought I can’t reach any deeper into myself to make this happen. My meditation practice has brought me some strength, and a way to try and keep some perspective as I eat this elephant 1 bit at at time. I have to keep asking myself what else would I be doing 1, 3, 5 years from now? I don’t seem to have a better plan.

Even the advisors at the university aren’t quite sure what to do with us. It’s a little confusing and irritating when you have a 21 year old advisor suggesting I do something to demonstrate more leadership ability after being a professional airplane and helicopter pilot for 18 years. LOL!! That piece of advice has only helped make my decision to come to the conference. I think I need to be with my “peeps”.

I don’t know if this is helpful, but I do know how you feel.