Same old argument ~ CC v Univ classes??

Greetings to all!

I need some help discerning this and put it behind me once and for all …I have about 8 classes prior to taking MCAT and applying.

I already have two Bachelor degrees and a grad degree and am an ER nurse, BSN from a hookem horns university. I say that because an ER doc told me the UT system likes their alum’s to apply to their schools.

My LOR’s will be coming from the medical director, former medical director and other physicians that I work with; just in case no one knows, in the ED, the doc’s and hospitalist are right there.

I can take most of my sciences at the CC for under $3500 where it’d be $16k for the same classes at the university.

I’ve talked to the schools that I want to apply to and each say that I can do my pre-meds at the local CC. One told me that I really don’t need another degree; just my coursework that’d be fine at a CC as long as they weren’t online classes.

My goal would be to pay for my biochem and another junior level course at the university between application and matriculation.

In addition, I’m working on my Spanish since many pt’s in the ED cannot speak English and I was bilingual as a child but didn’t use it after age 8 and want to be an ED doc.

Okay…has anyone got in with CC’s as premeds? I’ve read it’s not a good idea and others say it’s okay as long as the schools I talk with are okay with them.

Thank you for wisdom!! Biology is coming up and want to be sure I’m taking it at the right school.

Lots of people have gotten in with CC as prereqs, if (as you say) the schools they are interested in say that is ok. Sounds like a plan!


I think a couple of people may have been accepted with CC courses, but not sure who. Why not cut your risk and take a couple of courses before you apply at university and the rest at a CC. I think whether CC courses are accepted will be med school dependent and you have asked the schools you are interested in, but it can’t hurt cover all your bases. Also, make sure you get nothing but A+ / 4.0’s on all your CC courses.

My thoughts anyway.


My friend took all her pre-med courses at Austin Community College. She was accepted at UT Galveston. I have also taken all my classes at the same cc except Biochemistry( I took it through the UT extension). If you are in Austin, UT extension is another option for premed classes if you are not comfortable with cc. I took Gen Chem I at CUNY 10 years ago , and it was much easier than the retake at cc here in Austin two years ago. All my Austin cc classes were taught by PhD professors to a class of 30 students. Most of UT students who came to cc thinking it would have been easier, dropped out of the classes. At the end of the Gen Chem II , we had 12 students left due to the toughness of one particular professor. Similar experience with Biology I. In the end, though, you would have to decide for yourself.

See link below - one person who posted on this thread was accepted at a DO school with CC coursework. Similarly, another person in SoCal who took most of her pre-reqs at CC was accepted to a DO school here in CA. And there are a few other users on this site who had a mix of CC/4-year who were also accepted. If the schools you called have made it clear that CC is not a problem, I think you’re in the clear. Your plan of taking Biochem and another course at the 4-year should cover all bases.…

Thank you all for your wisdom!!

I’m going to take my classes at the CC with the final two at the University.

I am applying to the TX schools. I have taken all my pre-reqs at a CC (note that I already have advanced degrees in sciences). None of the schools I have talked to discouraged the CC route, mentioning however that 1) grades must be good and 2) A good MCAT will more than largely compensate for the CC issue.

Finally and in my case, schedule is an issue (kids, work), so I have a good case for justifying CC (aside from the cost). Note however that I have registered to a 4y for a Biochem class (that I have yet to take in Fall).

Do the best you can, be serious about it and you should be fine.

Haven’t posted here in a long time - I usually hang out on studentdoctor nontrad forum… but I always love to chime in on CC discussion :). I did all of my pre-reqs at CC and had success this last application cycle. It is my opinion that CC classes themselves are not a deal breaker, but they must be viewed in the context of the rest of your application. If you have a strong undergraduate GPA and MCAT, I don’t think CC will hold you back. If you have yet to prove yourself at a university, you’re probably better off taking classes at a university.

There’s a lot of misinformation that gets spread around about CC and getting into medical school. Don’t let anyone tell you that going to CC will keep you out of great schools. If you’re a strong applicant you’re going to be fine. As far as I know, only a small handful of schools will just flat out not accept them. For what it’s worth, I was accepted to and will be attending Hopkins in the fall. I had success at other top 10 schools. If you’re interested in seeing where else I applied/interviewed/got in you can check out my mdapps profile (age/gpa/mcat aren’t on there)

Congratulations on your acceptance to Hopkins. I agree that there’s plenty of misinformation on this topic, so your experience is good stuff to know about.

Wow, what great information!! I’m not so sure how the ADCOM’s will calculate my entire GPA since I have two bachelor degrees (BA and BSN) and one graduate degree plus a post-bac elementary education cert. Not all my work was done at the university (I have lots of community college time as well). I know I am over the 3.3 collectively and with my job as an ER nurse, I have plenty of healthcare exposure. Either way, I’m thrilled at all the success stories!! I can’t wait for mine to be one too.

Which Tx schools are you looking at Redo-it-all? Is it Tech, UT Houston and UTMB? Those are the one’s I’m looking at. How difficult was it to get an interview/acceptance?

CC classes, especially for a post-bacc student, are generally not an issue and becoming less and less so as the academic world accepts the reality of the world’s current financial situation. As for how they will calculate your GPA, they’ll look at every undergraduate grade you have, from every and any school you’ve attended. Your graduate-level classes will basically be meaningless unless they were exceptionally horrible. For your LORs, you WILL need to get some from your science teachers (most schools require two science LORs and one non-science, any extras would just be filler). Start making friends with the teachers on day one .