Saw the coolest thing today

Dextrocardia !!!

The heart was on the right side of the chest!!! When you look at the CXR, the silhouette of the heart is reversed!!!

Now I’m off to google. I’ve heard of transposition of the great vessles, but that’s only because my aunt has it. But the whole backwards thing has me wondering if they are similar.

(Back from google)

Thank you google. Why yes they can be related. I have learned something today.

Interesting note, I’m told said aunt is in some medical journal somewhere as she was never expected to live to puberty and is still kicking well into her fifties now.

Hey Susan,

I saw a pt. once whose entire organ system was reversed…Very amazing. One of lifes little wonders…

Very cool!

This is refered to as dextrocardia. It is a rare condition, in some cases the individualy may have problems with other organs; however, there are some patient with this condition who grow up to live a normal life.

Along similar lines, I had a patient with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries. I had never heard of it before this patient and had to google it.