Scared of the MCAT

I am registered to take the MCAT May 1st and I am thinking of rescheduling it. I have been using Exam krackers and Kaplan to study for the last few months, but I’m not sure I’m ready. I have taken 3 AAMC tests and scored in the low to mid 30’s but just got a 24 on a Kaplan test (6PS, 11VR, 7BS). Any advice?

Don’t take it until you’re ready.

Use the Kaplan scores/results as a guide to where the knowledge needs a boost.

If you can retake the practice exam from Kaplan in a week or so, decide then whether to take 5/1 or in June/July…


If you really think you need to ‘fill in the blanks’ in your knowledge, then reschedule the exam.

I just want to make the point that you might never feel prepared for this test - you might always have this feeling that there’s more you could have done. There is soooooooooo much to know. But as many people here already mentioned it doesn’t only test your knowledge… it tests your test taking abilities.

try to take one of two more exams and see where you are and how you’re feeling about yourself.

Most of the people tend to do a little bit better on the real thing than on their practice tests…


  • madkasia Said:
I just want to make the point that you might never feel prepared for this test - you might always have this feeling that there's more you could have done.

Agree. Was just thinking mentally prepared on my post, because no matter how knowledge-based ready one might be, if there's any doubt at all to timing, etc, I think it is best to re-examine and possibly take at a different time.

I have read on SDN that the kaplan tests tend to be 2-3 points lower than the real test. I have gotten a 32, 35, and a 41 on AAMC practice tests,but I have also been told that they are significantly easier than the actual test. I figure that I’ll layoff the VR as I have scored between an 11 and 15 on my practice tests and focus on PS and BS over the next 3 weeks. Thanks for the advice so far. I am worried about my score a little more than usually because I am hoping to make up for my lower GPA. The 3rd year assigned to the pain service I work on got in with a 24 without being waitlisted, but i’m not going to count on being that lucky…

I don’t know how the Kaplan tests compare, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to find that they underestimate performance.

I took all of the AAMC tests ( at ) and scored between X and X+3 on all of them. I got X on the actual MCAT. YMMV, of course.

Comfort level is huge w/ the MCAT, IMHO. Don’t psych yourself out! Figure out what you need to do and hte best timeframe to do it in. And gluck!

Low 30’s? That’s not bad!! How have you been studying? I’m also studying for the MCATS, but I’m not taking them until June. I was scheduled for May, but I moved it back.

Took “The Beast” today, felt pretty good with the exception of Bio, had two passages of Organic Chem that were pretty tough! Felt really good about PS and VR. In all, felt like a 30-35. Hopefully it turns out that way! Everyone taking the test was a repeat, and surprisingly, I was one of the youngest sitting for the exam, with two folks in their 50’s! It was great to see people unafraid to chase their dreams. Well, thanks for all the help and encouragement, now back to my personal statement…Jaysun

Good job. Hope you get the score you are hoping for!