Since school is totally done I can give my full attention to this beast. Now, since I am taking the online course I need the self dicipline to do everything.
I came up with a schedule that may work not just for me online but for the class room as well.
I do my online lectures on Sunday mornings, so the schedule will reflect that. You have preview work and review work before and after each lecture respectively. TO accomplish everything without getting overwhelmed here is an idea:
Mon, Tues, Wed: Review Work
Thurs, Friday, Sat: Preview work
Sun, lecture then rest of the day off.
Try it. It may help.

Its definitely a good idea to stick to your schedule. I have gotten a little behind on the review work over this break, so I may try to implement a modified version of your schedule to stay on track for the next few months. Will you be taking the practice MCATs in New Brunswick?