School has started!

Our first week at Des Moines University was all orientation. It was for all the students: PA’s (me), DO’s, DPTs, etc. One entire week, which really was a good idea because it gave us time to get use to our new classmates, the environment, the campus, computers, buy books, etc.
I am the oldest in my class, but by one week – there are 3 of us in our 40’s, quite a few in their 30’s…class size is only 38. I can’t speak to the DO class – 218. Some very young, nervous folks. I found myself giving out my phone number to some young kids from out of town w/ no support in town, in case they need help. (We have lived here 11 years, and I am only 1 mile from campus, so little has changed for me to attend school.)
I had to laugh last week – any time there was a group of people trying to que up for an event, they would step aside to let me through to the front of the line…I don’t even have a cane …didn’t think I looked all that feeble…LOL. I’ve been asked to run for class president, consulted for what books to buy, etc., etc.
By far the most exciting part of the week for me was the chance to go to a rural clinic (ok, we used the HS gym) to assist w/ athletic physicals for 7-12 grades. The PA program assists the local dr./PA yearly. Since I was the only PA-S1, I was able to do intakes, and later did a few supervised exams. A wonderful opportunity to get involved before I get bogged down w/ classes
Classes start tomorrow. I’ve been waiting and preparing for this for a long, long time. I’m ready.

Good luck Ann, in two years you will be done. It will fly.

Congratulations on getting started Ann! Sounds great, and enjoy it!