School list suggestions which focus on most recent/post-bacculurate GPA


I am beginning to construct my school list for the 2019 application cycle. My undergraduate GPA is quite unimpressive (2.85), however I have completed >40 credit hours of post-bacculurate coursework with a GPA hovering around 3.9. These courses consisted of both lower level and upper level science courses. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for MD schools who put more emphesis on most recent coursework over undergraduate grades. I realize I have quite an uphill battle to overcome such a low undergraduate GPA. Any suggestions appreciated!

My school (LSU-NO) has a published policy where they will accept your most recent 32 hours for your GPA. See this link for more info.

Best of luck with your applications!

Thanks Bennard! I was looking for something like this about schools looking at, essentially, your career change post-bac grades or the last _____ credit hours. Any more info on these types of schools that could help us old pre-meds with not-so-hot cumulative GPA’s?