science credits

Hello all,

I am a 30 y/o physical therapist with a bachelors from India and a Master’s from a US college. I wish to go to Medical School.

I would appreciate some advice regarding how to go about science credits… the pre-med advisor of IU looked at my Physical Therapy transcripts and said that I would be fine with taking two semester courses each of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Organic with lab. She mentioned that since I have a Masters in Physical Therapy that the committee would be ok with these pre-reqs only.

  1. I want to make sure that my application will not be weak at other med schools and that they too will consider my academic performance in my Master’s program ( GPA 3.8)

  2. I was happy that these pre-requisites could be covered in a years time starting this upcoming semester. Am I crazy to apply for Fall 2010?

    I know that is a lot and I will have to have my MCATS done in time to apply as well.

    Any insights would be much appreciated!


Welcome to OPM.

Usually, you’ll have to (or at least want to) take all of your regular Chemistry before you start organic. That’s one thing that makes most pre-req timeframes 2 years.

You’ll also want to give yourself time to properly study for and take the MCAT - whatever that prep means to you.

Generally speaking, med schools will consider undergrad GPA more strongly than graduate. They’ll also want proof that you were examined and proven competent by a US school. I honestly don’t know how they’ll consider your situation, but it may behoove you to take some more US undergrad classes.

Actually, I might recommend that for anyone - take more than just the prereqs. It gives you more of a chance to prove yourself, more opportunity to confirm that this is the right path for you, and more time to spread everything out in. That last seems like a negative to a lot of people (initially, to myself included), but IMHO it’s a good thing. There’s really no hurry, and the more thoroughly you go through this process (and life, as comes with it), the happier you’ll be in the end, I think.

Good luck with it!

Thank you!! Sometimes we just want things to be done quickly…especially with this, considering I feel like I’m so behind already.

don’t worry; 30 is young around here