Science major or not?

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I am a first year pre-med student, I have chosen a communications major because its easy and I know I can get staight A’s. I am concerned that maybe a med school would rather have a science major. I have been told that it does not matter, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would a med school take a communications major over, for example a biochemistry major?
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Do what you want to do in as undergrad. It is the time to do what you really enjoy. I know dance majors, spanish majors, religous and women studies majors and they have all gotten into med school. But don’t do something just because you think it will be easy A’s. It may surprise you. You will have to take science courses and you really should take a number of upper level courses as well as the required courses. Genetics, physiology and cell biology can really help you on the MCAT.

I would not recommend majoring in something just because you think you can get straight A’s. I took a semester back at a CC trying to stay a full-time students and took typing as a filler class (it was the only other thing on Tuesday nights that fit my schedule). Anyway, I got A’s in my “hard” classes and a B in typing. I guess I was lucky to get that because I HATED going to that class.
If you are miserable, you won’t want to look at the material, much less do indepth research on those topics. Pick something you can see yourself delving into on a daily basis.
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Major in what you like and you will do well. There is nothing wrong with majoring in Communications if your interests are there. It can be a very handy major for medical school and beyond.
Medical schools hate science majors who show little evidence of being able to do anything outside of their sciences. Medical schools do look for well-rounded individuals who are good comminicators and show evidence of being able to master a very challenging curriculum. You can accomplish these things with any major or course of study as long as you include the “pre-med” courses.
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You are wise to ask these questions now. I chose biochemistry as I am genuinely interested. I took all my general eds at a Community college. Thus I missed the liberty to mix the hard stuff with lighter GE’s. Since a full course load of science courses is too much, I have offset this with things that interest me. I’m at UC Berkeley. They have a great Celtic Studies program. My mother is Irish. So this year, I started learning the language. There is another year of it, which I hope to take. Earlier I also thought about getting a BFA. I made two animated films and wrote a screenplay at UCLA. I agree with the others, explore, find what you like and study that. If you love it, the good grades will follow.
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Definitely major in whatever you are fascinated by and makes you happy. Med schools appreciate broadly educated applicants - you do not have to major in science to be a competitive applicant.