science pre-req's all online

has anyone been successful in applying to medical school with all or most sciences online (i.e. UNE)? I am a firefighter/paramedic and er rn who is interested in going to medical school (specifically lecom-b DO school) and am absolutely unable to commit to the class time due to my constantly rotating schedule. I contacted lecom and the rep didn’t encourage it obviously. she said that it depends on who is on the admissions board that time. not encouraging, but I was hoping to find stories of individuals who were successful in getting accepted with online sciences. I took the free practice mcat and scored 21 (10, 6, 5), so I have hopes for a competitive score once I take the classes. lecom mentions their competitive candidates have a minimum score of 24. thanks.

I know a few people with DO acceptances who did most of the pre-req’s distance. With DO schools some have little issue with it, others see the applicants as less competitive, and the last group won’t accept them. The people I spoke with who got accepted had very high GPAs and an MCAT score 3-5 points higher than the school average.

I did UNE distances courses for almost all of my science prerequisites. I’m using UNE as a stepping stone to get into a special masters program at an osteopathic school. I wouldn’t plan on a straight acceptance into a DO program even with a 4.0 at UNE. You will be held to a higher standard and possibly need some advanced science courses in a classroom setting to balance things out.


I also struggled to find a solution to the problem you face. It is very difficult to get prereqs completed for premed. I also spoke with the staff at LECOM in Bradenton, FL. I was told that online classes were strongly not encouraged, nor could I find any reputable classes. I am also an ER RN trying to find the best route to premed. I have finally changed shifts to a weekend only, which has a $10 per hr pay increase. So if I plan on getting prereqs done, I will have to commute to USF, Tampa or FGCU, FT Myers. I wish LECOM had a program for people to get premed courses done at their campus. Which hospital do you work at now? Best of luck

thanks for the replies. I’m at south florida baptist.

also, fwiw, usf is starting a pa program in summer of 2015. not sure if you’re interested in that, but fyi.

My friend did a few online science classes with UNE. She had MCAT score of 24, started DO school last month at Campbell University NC.This school is new, this is their 1st year.

I’m also an RN, working night shift. With all my desire I can’t take regular classes. I tried to set up my schedule just to work weekends it didn’t work out with management.So this fall I’m taking physics online but with lab on campus, that is ones a week class I can do, also biology online. I’m also a military wife and we will be relocating overseas pretty soon. So lots of my sciences will be done at UNE or other places who offers them online. Good luck.

TCOM said as long as the school is accredited they allow it. The UNE is accredited. Yay. Thats going to be a solution for me as well.

I’m a first time applicant this year. I took Orgo I & II thru UNE back in the '07-'08 timeframe and finished biochem thru them in March. I’m sure the syllabi have changed for all of the classes by now, but they definitely weren’t breeze-through classes when I took them. The virtual labs for orgo I thought were actually pretty good. You miss out on some of the pain of setup and yield while still getting the idea that the lab is designed to portray.

I applied to 16 schools, so if I remember I’ll try to post which ones thought the online prereqs were good enough to continue the app process. Unfortunately I submitted a little late and AMCAS is taking roughly 8 weeks to verify now…

Thanks, please keep us updated. And the best luck to you!

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TCOM said as long as the school is accredited they allow it. The UNE is accredited. Yay. Thats going to be a solution for me as well.

Hey there

while taking classes online might be a solution, try to go to CC. These online classes will not make you competitive. Allowing is one thing, accepting is another.

As for TCOM, I personally found the place a bit "weird". I was not even interviewed (and my numbers are respectable). So I am not sure what it is they are looking for. If it is a top choice, then I would encourage you to find a bit more about them.

I’d recommend taking classes in a traditional classroom since most schools require/look highly upon it. I didn’t really have that option after undergrad, so I did what I could to continue the dream.

Again, double check with the schools you’re applying to as to whether they even take CC credits. I think online can either be a) way too easy because of the school or b) more challenging than a traditional classroom due to time constraints and the lack of direct teacher assistance. I found my case to be more like b (UNE), but I definitely have friends that have taken classes in which they basically sign up and get credit (not related to med school, sorry).

I’m taking online classes now with CC because I’m working night shifts and my schedule can be different from week to week. Unfortunately I can’t commit to a few days/nights of the week for classes. I’m doing on campus physics lab once a week. This works so far even though the campus is 35 miles away one way. Soon I’ll be living out of the country for the next 3 years so my choices are either not take anything for 3 years or take online classes. I’m already 38 so waiting for another 3 years won’t work for me. Doing what I can.