Scientist wants to go to medical school!!

HI guys!! My name is Adriano. I’m brazilian borned and I have been here in US for about 3 years. I have a BS in Exercise Physiology, Master in Pharmaocology, PhD in Human Physiologia and now I’m working here as postdoctoral fellow. Medicine was alaways a passsion for me but in my country, as a poor country, just very rich people is able to get in medical school. So i took alternative way. Now that I’m living here a see why the call the land of oportunities and I really want try my dream come true.

Do you guys think that I have any chance to get in the medical school with 33/34 years old?

Any advice for the mcat test? (I’m studying for 2009!)

Does really matters age in terms of medical school choice??

Thanks a lot!!

A few pointers -

  1. A lot of med schools require at least 50% of your pre-reqs from a US institute or alternately, some require at least 2-3 years of academic coursework at a US institute.

  2. Many of the med schools also require your pre-reqs to be relatively ‘fresh’.

  3. I know that a lot of H-1 or F-1 visa students get in to med school but med school seats for foreign students are fairly limited. You may want to look into which schools offer you the best chances and target those schools specifically. That should save you time in preparation.

  4. Also, lenders are not that happy to loan funds to foreign matriculants because of the flight risk. However, it’s not impossible or unheard of. Make sure you have that duck in a row too.

  5. Communication and articulating yourself is a big part of medical practice. Brush up on your English - it’ll go a long way in which ever field you finally end up in the States.


    6). Stop thinking about how old you are, and more about what you want to do in life.

Just keep up with a positive attitude and you will be fine. You are never to old to fulfill a dream!

I am 34 years old and I am planning on going to medical school (also planning on 2009 MCAT). However, as it was already pointed out to you, most schools require that you have at least 90 credit hours completed in the US (or Canada). I am also a foreigner, but have completed my BS and my PhD in the US. With that being said, you should contact schools directly and ask questions. It has been my experience that they will respond to you within a couple of days at the most (very pleasant surprise). Good luck!