Scores back

Ok, so,I got them back a while back, but have been dealing with some family issues for a while and just now got back over here…

VR: 10

PS: 7

BS: 10

Written: R

Gross score was about ballpark of what I was expecting, although I thought I was stronger in PS than VS, and didn’t expect that high in VR.

At this point, TMDSAS primary and secondary’s are in… AMCAS primary is in and secondary’s are being completed as soon as I can. Already have 1 no based on primary app only, and withdrew from 2… One bc of logistics and getting there in time, and the other bc they consider only my undergrad grades and not my post-bacc, putting me below their minimums. On well, each no is one closer to a yes!

So, now we hurry up and wait…

Not an terrible score. I think the PS score, vs the overall score might hurt you the most as far as screening.

Can you tell us what school wouldnt consder your post-bacc? Is that their standard policy?

It could have been worse. So for now, all you can do is wait and apply as broadly as you possibly can.

I wish you the best of luck.

It’s not that they totally wouldn’t consider post-bacc grades, but they didn’t recognize it as anything separate from my undergrad… they lumped ALL undergrad grades together for one GPA. That was Oregon Health & Science University.

On the other hand, University of Missouri Kansas City said “if you have more than 30 hours of post-bacc/grad work, that’s what we’ll consider as your GPA for admissions purposes”. Downside is that I had to withdraw due to family & logistics of potentially getting there for a Jan 13 start.

Hurry up and wait…