SE Region?? Virginia and south

Is there anything organized for the SE region, namely Virginia and south to FL? Would love to organize a group if there isn’t one out there or help out if there is.

I’m currently a 2nd year at VCOM and passionate about non-trads. OPM was instrumental in keeping me on track to success.

Thanks -

There isn’t, but I’m interested. I’m in WV but am a Virginian myself.


I would also be interested, even though my desire to study medicine continues to be in the “pipe dream” stage (and might always be). I live in the Norfolk, Virginia area (Yorktown/Newport News/Williamsburg, to be specific).


Great!! We should try to get something together. And, Kathleen - it is NEVER a pipe dream! Turning 45 in December and running circles around the 26 year olds… LOL Stay focus and driven - all things are possible! I actually got my pre-reqs there in Norfolk at Old Dominion. I worked at EVMS (and applied, but was happier with VCOM), so if you decided to apply there - let me know.

Kate - are there any others that you know of at WV or in the area that might be interested? I’ve got a few here. I know of at least one other in Norfolk/VAB @ EVMS.

Let’s see if we get any more on this strand and I’ll try to post a few more feelers on some other strands.

Pat (Patricia)

Pat -

Not really prospective students. Another WVSOM student (first year) who’s an OPM’er.(Pixie)…and one who applied this year.


I’m interested, and probably can recruit a few more from GA/SC.

I’m definitely interested. First year at VCOM :slight_smile:

Pat –

Thanks for your encouraging comments, and I’m happy to hear that you are doing so well at VCOM! Keep on kickin’ butt! Unfortunately, I’m 51 (not 45 like you), and I have still have some pre-reqs to finish, so MCAT next spring is probably the earliest feasible timeframe.

For some background on me: After abandoning the med school dream early in college (went into IT instead), I started down the “non-trad” path about 15 years ago. However, I developed a mysterious chronic illness in 1999 that significantly affected my balance and cognitive abilities (with so much degradation that I could barely walk or work, let alone raise a teenager and take science classes too). After more than a decade of searching for answers, and with the involvement of many, many doctors (some helpful, many not), two years ago Dr. Barry Strasnick at EVMS diagnosed me with MdDS (Mal de Debarquement Syndrome) – which many practitioners still regard as a mental illness, or an unusual type of migraine, but which Dr. Strasnick treats as a malfunction of the utricle/hippocampus communication.

I am currently on a treatment plan of antiepileptic medications and physical/vestibular/eye motion therapies. I have regained so much functionality, and Dr. Strasnick is definitely my hero. However, I’m afraid that it’s a matter of “too little, too late”, and as Dr. Strasnick has said, I can be a healthy 50 year old, but I’ll never be 37 again. I hang around Oldpremeds hoping to find the courage to go for it, but FUD and fatigue (from the antiepileptics) are my constant companions

I’d love to know if you worked with Dr. Strasnick while you were at EVMS. And while we’re singing “It’s a Small World,” I’m excited that you did your pre-reqs at ODU. I got my MFA in Creative Writing there, was an adjunct English instructor there for several years, and also worked in Writing Tutorial Services (now called the Writing Center). I don’t see your last name anywhere on Oldpremeds, so I’m not sure if our paths ever crossed, but if I was ever your instructor, or if I ever tutored you in English, I sure hope I was helpful and not a pain in the neck.

Thanks for putting up with such a long post (and any self-pity that might have crept in).


Kathleen -

Just wanted to share a word of encouragement. Sounds like are just a year or two behind me. I definately understand the fatigue issue. You may be a healthier 50 year old than I was (for me it was the antihypertensives, diabetes, and sleep apnea). To manage my energy, I have had to decide not to take some meds that could help some neuropathy I have from nerve compression. All I can suggest is to continue to work on maximizing your wellness. Best of luck in your future!



Thanks so much for you post. I have been following your diary these past few years, and you (and so many others) are such an inspiration to me.

You have such a strong background in healthcare that I actually can’t imagine that you WOULDN’T have become a physician! I have some volunteer work from more than a decade ago and will be volunteering at a free clinic in the near future. And I’ve always done well in the sciences and enjoyed them so much. These past years have taken a toll on my cognitive abilities though, so I am doing my best to assess if I can still learn well enough to even consider anything as rigorous as medicine. Because my healthcare insurance doesn’t cover neurocognitive rehab for diseases (only for TBI), I have designed my own rehab plan with the help of a friend who is a Speech Language Pathologist and specializes in neurocog rehab.

And my age, plus my limited background in healthcare, does give me pause. I’m not sure it’s even realistic to consider this path.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m going to remain hopeful and prayerful, and I’ll just take one step at a time to see if my brain can “learn to learn” again. If all goes well, I will take Physics I in the spring and see how it goes.

And thanks so much for sharing your decision to modify your treatment plan to reduce fatigue. That is certainly something I can discuss with my neurotologist.



I see you are in Norfolk. Don’t know if you could drive as far as Charlottesville but they are doing a cognitive research study (which my parents participated in) during which they got some very detailed cognitive/learning/memory evaluation over a period of 4 or 6 weeks (once weekly)without a cost to them. Don’t know if something like that would be helpful.



Thanks! I will check it out. Is this through UVA?


Yes it is. will try to get more particulars from my mom.


Hi all!

If there’s anyone in GA I’d love to join a group or help to get one started. This is my first post ever on here so I’m still trying to figure out how it all works. But from what I’ve read, OPM is full of tenacious and inspiring folks. Big thanks to all!

welcome, Maryam!!!

Thanks for posting! I know there are some OPM’ers in Georgia. Think Guitardan is.

You’re right, it IS a group of tenacious and determined folk. Ain’t we just! Couldn’t come to a better place for support and advice. It’s great that you already have the public health background. Glad to “meet” you!


I’m in Georgia too. I just joined the site yesterday. I would definitely be interested in workshops or meetings. Anybody here from Georgia planning to attend Mercer? I’m wondering what kind of scholarships they offer for the MD program.

Hi Everyone, in GA as well. anyone in the Atlanta region? I want to start pre reqs in September at GA Perimeter or Georgia State

I’m heading to the Norfolk area this winter. I’m interested in workshops or meetings, too. Nice to “meet” you all!


Will you be visiting in the Norfolk area or are you moving here? (I’d say “moving here permanently,” but I know first-hand that no military move is ever permanent).

Either way, I’d love to meet up with you (and anyone else in the SE region who is in the Norfolk area or would like to travel here).


I live across the bridge/tunnel - in the Del Mar Va peninsula…