Second Degree or not?

Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum so please forgive me if there are already threads of the same topic. I tried looking for a thread I came across a few weeks ago but can no longer find it.

Anyhow, I am in need of another fellow premed’s advice on my situation and I figure this is the best place. So here are my stats: I am 27 years old, psychology undergrad degree - GPA 3.0, took half of med school prereq’s at a community college:

Physics 1 -A

Physics 2 - B

Bio 1 - A

GenChem 1 - A

GenChem 2 - A

and other half at a university:

OChem 1 - B

Ochem 2- A

Bio 2 - A

BioChem 1- A

Currently I am debating whether I should go for a second degree in Biochemistry or get a master’s in Biochemistry (thinking of master’s just incase so I can at least use it to advance at my job)…or neither? I feel that I should only because 1) my undergrad GPA isn’t so great 2) I did not take my prereq’s all at the same time but spread out within 2 years and 3) most of the prereq’s were taken at a community college.

So here are my questions:

  1. Should I consider a second BS or MS in biochem?

    By the way, I found an online Biochem MS program at St. Joseph College ( Has anyone heard or have more information about the program?

  2. Should I take more upper level biology courses at a university to compensate for courses taken at the community college?

    Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance =)