Second Semester Intro Versus Anatomy and Physio

I signed up for spring classes this week, taking the second half of gen-chem two, two bio lecture courses (Ecology and Evolution), and a placeholder Spanish until a slot in the math class I needs opens up.

I talked things over with my adviser, and he thinks I should consider taking his two sections of Anatomy and Physio over the summer, which actually makes sense to me, because if I was only doing one class at a time (per summer school session) I feel like I’d be able to focus on it better.

I already have credits from introductory biology back from my first time through Undergrad (10+ years ago). I know I need at least one year of a bio class with lab, but would I be able to use Anatomy for that, since it is a lab class, even if its not introductory? I’ve been taking the first semester of Intro (which is mostly cell biology) and it’s fine, but I signed up for that before I was a full-time admitted student.

Any thoughts or sage advice? All are appreciated.

And yes, I would be taking Anatomy (and hopefully Development Bio as well) regardless if I sit though the second semester of intro again.

Schools expect to see a year of intro bio, and the MCAT is based on that.

Since you’ll get anatomy eventually in med school, I’m not sure why you would take it now. You’d be better off with dev bio and other upper div. bio courses. (MCB, immuno, genetics, etc.)



Well, I need anatomy for developmental in our program. My intro credits are from too long ago, so I guess I’m going to be retaking it after all. The same professor does both halves, so I’ve gotten the cell biology half under my belt. The professor is really nice, and clearly loves his job, but he’s not exactly the most dynamic lecturer.

Well, at least I know for sure now. Thanks for letting me know.