Second semester over!

Wow, finals were yesterday. I felt good about them, though I walked out of Biochem with my head spinning. In two weeks I will start 3rd semester, the beginning of the end of the first year!! It has flown by, just like the mountain of facts in my classes. 3rd semester is genetics, microbiology, and pathology I, supposed to be hard, but I’m looking forward to it. I was very tired after the end of the semester, but so was everyone. Most of my class is leaving, if not back to the US, then to various European trips; Spain is a favorite due to the sunny weather. We’re going to explore London this break, the museums, the funky Camden market neighborhood (body piercing joints, crazy clothes, Goth markets, etc) and whatever else we can find there.

CONGRATS! We’re all incredibly proud of you!

Congratulations on finishing your second semester!! In just a few months now, you will be an MS-2. How’s that sound?!
I’m glad you have some time off to do some sight-seeing. Enjoy it. . . . and get some good rest in so you’ll be prepared for your next semester.
Keep us posted as things progress! And give Mo a hug from me and a hi! from Zane.

Congratulations Kathy!!!