secondaries and lor

I need some advice on when I should send my secondaries out. I have completed all my secondaries with the exception of the one tricky question, “name of the DO to send my LOR.” Here’s the problem. I thought I was going to have a shadowing experience in the near future and thus a rec but that situation fell through due to HIPPA/ privacy rules.
Should I send out the secondaries without the name and then get that to them later or should I wait until I have that info to include in the application?
I’m afraid if I wait it could take 2 or 3 weeks longer.
What do you think?

Call the admissions office and tell them what you just told us. See what they say. My first thought is to say go ahead and send in the LOR because you don't want to hold up your app. But maybe that blank line for the DO name would be a mark against you. Definitely ask them.

I just want to second that. Call.