Nothing spectacular, but I got my secondary application in the mail today. (Sigh) More paperwork to fill out. Most of it was already on my AMCAS application.

Hey Ash, which one was it? I’ve gotten Georgetown, UConn, Cornell, plus some that are on the web. Ugh, I am having a really hard time filling them out though! How’s it going for you?
By the way are you really from Canada, as one of your other posts says? What part? Are you applying to Canadian schools?
Well, good luck!

I got Wash U today. And amazingly - my AMCAS has not verified yet! I guess we all know now that Wash U does not screen. :slight_smile:

University of Arkansas.
No, I’m not really Canadian. It’s sort of a joke. My students always comment that I don’t sound like I’m from the South. Every semester I’ve taught, one of my students has always asked where I’m from. Nine times out of ten, they always say I sound like I’m from Canada. I don’t know why. I don’t say “eh” or any of the other stereotypical Canadian colloquialisms.
But more to the point, the reason I always say “My two cents (Canadian)” is that the exchange rate is so low, that my opinion is worth actually about one cent.