Secondary question

One of my secondary questions is: If you interrupted your college education for a semester or longer, please describe what you did during that time. I took 2 classes at a community college way back in my early 20s and didn’t start my undergrad “for real” until 3 years ago. Do you think I need to explain this gap? It only gives 700 characters, and clearly this is the sort of thing fully described in my PS and my AMCAS application. Thanks!

I would probably describe it, I mean all you really have to say is that I took some classes and then worked for “X” and then decided I wanted to go to med-school. Once again, my opinion, I think leaving it out won’t hurt, but a little paragraph stating the obvious again will be better.

Don’t know how many secondaries you have done yet switz, but I am seeing a trend where school enjoy seeing you repeat yourself.

Yes! I’m completing the Hopkins secondary right now, and I’m inputting all the things already on my AMCAS - family info, work history, blah blah. I’ve only submitted 5 so far. I’m struggling with the prompts for a few. It should be easy to answer “why school X?” but there’s one that I just don’t see anything overtly fantastic about. Plus, I hate writing essays, so…

Thanks for the advice about that question - I will go ahead and include a short description, to be on the safe side.

I don’t like the ones where it asks you to input all the science courses that meet the pre-reqs. It’s in my primary!

I know how you fell about writing “why school X” It’s not like you can say “well I really like x, b/c it is just down the street from my house” but that is probably the reason why you applied there.

What I have been doing when the ask the “why school X” question is looking at their currliculum or reseach opportunities and finding something that I really think is cool and them applying it to me.

Any thoughts on how long it should be when they ask you to “briefly describe,” but give no character/word limit?

Thats a tough call. I would say no more than a page and that might be puching it for “briefly”.