Seeking Advice...Still...

Okay, almost 6 months after freaking out, I’m finally seeing some progression towards my career in medicine. I am applying to graduate school and pursuing a masters degree in hopes that this will give me some help with my gpa issues. I am currently employed in a laboratory doing some very important and cutting edge research. I have also passed the national registry and am certified as a EMT-B (still in the process of receiving my state certification)…The only obstacle that I face presently is that I am writing my personal statement for graduate school and I’m not sure if I should let the admissions boards know that I plan to use graduate school as a stepping stone to medical school. I know many take this path, but do they disclose this intention to everyone?

Be careful though…if you have a low UGPA, going to a grad school will not change that. Have you considered a SMP that is geared towards medical school?


I have to agree with Kris here - masters GPAs are not given nearly the weight by adcoms that undergrad courses are, unless they are in a rigorous masters science program. You may be better off taking a year or so of upper level science courses than doing a masters degree.