Seeking info about D.O. curriculum

Hi all,

I am considering applying to A.T. Still’s Osteophatic school for the Fall of 2012. The program was recommended to me by a doctor I know who has a close relationship with the program and it has a strong focus on community health, which I like.

I’d like to hear opinions from DO students (or MD’s if they know something about it) about the D.O. curriculum they’ve taken. I’ve heard some topics have little established scientific basis and are more metaphysical, which scares me some. Also how heavily was OMT stressed in your respective programs?

Any input/opinions about DO curricula are much appreciated. Thank you!

sorry for someone taking so long to respond. The founder of OldPreMeds is a graduate of AT Still, Kirksville School of Osteopathic Medicine. After graduating, OldManDave went to a highly competitive residency program at Dartmouth in anesthesiology and followed that up with a fellowship in critical care. He is now the medical director of a respiratory ICU in Indiana.

He will be at the upcoming OPM conference. Also at the workshop will be a two application workshop called “You are admissions committee” run by the Director of Admissions at AT Still, Ms. Lori Haxton. This workshop is applicable for both MD and DO programs as it gives you a chance to see how an adcom looks at a candidate in total and how their internal review process work.