Semester over!

Finals completed! Looking forward to a little bit of sanity over the summer. Last one this morning was the ACS gen chem II and it made me feel a little bit dumb, but I think I did well on it. Anyhow, it’s too early for adult beverages so I think I’ll take care of some of the domestic stuff I neglected during study time. Good luck to everyone with finals left to take and if anyone gets through the southwest wisconsin area drop me a line!

Congrats on finishing!!!

I have my GenChemII test(s) tomorrow morning. Focused exam over last three chapters and then a cumulative final. Should be good times~

Grats on finishing GChem II!

I took the ACS final last spring and was plesanatly surprised how easy it was. I’d bought the book, studied like mad; think maybe 5 wrong total on it. (75 questions)

Not done yet, but feel free to grats me in 14 hours

Of course, I lost about three crucial hours today when my tire blew out and the hitch that holds the spare up wouldn’t drop. Gonna be a fun (read sleepless) night!