Shadowing Application Complete!

Hi Everyone
Recently I got accepted into shadowing a doctor. I just finished my application before New Years Eve. Does anyone have any tips for shadowing? What should I wear? How should I behave?

Thank you

First of all, congrats! Here are my two cents: Respect the physician, learn as much as you can, only ask questions when the physician is not in the middle of a conversation with a patient (bring a notepad if allowed). But most importantly, be yourself - smile and enjoy the joys of shadowing a physician!

I would wear professionally on the first day (a nice shirt and pants, no jeans). Behave nicely and respect the physician’s and patient’s privacy. Try to stand next to the physician but not blocking his/her way.

Just remember, smile, be happy, and be curious!

What specialty is he/she in?

Awesome! Best of luck!

Wear something at least business casual, like Mchun said. I also agree what she said about asking questions.
Here are my tips for shadowing:

  1. Bring a notebook to write notes in. Write notes while the physician is charting, it gives you something to do and helps you later on when reflecting on the experience for secondaries.
  2. If the physician is charting, be careful how much you talk to them.
  3. Be prepared to talk to patients. While in places like the ED it may be better just to stand and watch, in a clinic you may even be left in the room alone for a minute with the patients. Just be friendly and share what you are doing!
  4. If you are going to be in the OR, bring a pair of comfortable shoes. Nothing is worse then standing for 8 hours in dress shoes!
  5. Beforehand, do some basic research on the field and the current issues. You’ll have a good chance at impressing the physician if you already know common pathologies or surgical procedures.
  6. While being respectful, try to be friendly and personable with the physician. It will go farther when you ask for letters or research experience.

And that is what I can think of! Best of luck!!

Thanks for the response! I hope I get to go in an OR for 8 hours. That sounds really exciting. (: