Shadowing experience requirements?

Generally, how much shadowing experience do med school adcoms look for? A week, month, 3 months?

I worked for an implantable medical device company and did occasionally interface with doctors both in office and in OR so I’m not completely inexperienced per se.

Thank you.


I don’t know if there’s any real right answer to that. I’d imagine that AdComs look for evidence that you know what you’re getting yourself into - that you recognize some of the challenges of medical practice, from more than just what you saw on ER or Gray’s Anatomy (House, of course, is a perfectly valid source ).

I’m actually not aware of a “requirement” to shadow at all… although I know that DO schools want to be sure that you’ve spent time with a DO. As Adam said, schools want to know that you have a reality-based notion of what doctors do. However you attain that notion is up to you to package and present convincingly.


  • pi1304 Said:
(House, of course, is a perfectly valid source ).

"Everybody Lies." It's sad but true, and I think that when you work in the health field, you see how true it really is.

I just love House!