Should a new PhD grad go back to retake pre-courses to boot the GPA 3.2?

Hello Dr Ryan Gray and anyone possible out there,

I am newly PhD graduate in biomedical sciences and a full-time lab technician who applied US medical schools as an international student for the 2017 cycle but got rejected by all schools I applied. My fatal shoot was my MCAT, perhaps, my academic profile as well. I am working on improving my MCAT scores. However, for my academic profile, I need advise. I took almost all of the pre-med courses (except 1 more course of physics). I have a BSc and a MSc degrees. I have a plenty of science courses on my transcripts. Although I never failed science courses, but my verified GPA is 3.2. According to the 2015 MCAT and GPA Grid for Asian Applicants provided by the AAMC, to get an acceptance rate 52.2% with this GPA, the MCAT score must be between 36 and 38. On the other hand, if the GPA is between 3.4 and 3.59, the acceptance rate is 57% if the MCAT score is between 34 and 36. Dilemma here. Should retake the pre-med courses just because to boot the GPA? Or, should I just focus on improving my MCAT for my 2018 cycle? The former sounds unrealistic to me because, if I decide to retake, they must be retaken in the same institution to consider an improvement. My BSc institute, where I took the pre-med courses, is in the US. I live and have a full-time job in my home country. If I go back to the US for retake, on one I must quit my job and have no income, on two I must spend my saving on the coursework and I cannot work as an international student in the US. Both ways will not benefit my mission to save money for future expenses on medical school. What should I do? Can anyone give me a light, please?