Should I retake all my pre-reqs?

Hello all! I’m relatively new to this community and have a question with regards to retakes.

My first two years in undergrad were a nightmare in which I made stupid mistakes regarding failing and withdrawing from courses and getting less than stellar grades for med school. I am currently trying to remedy the situation by retaking some classes I’ve failed and some C’s that don’t look too good on my transcript. So my question is, I know that CC credits are accepted but at the same time also slightly frowned upon if taken too much of, but as I’m fresh out of college and unemployed I don’t have the financial means to attend a 4-year without incurring more and more debt. So I’ve opted to redo some of the courses at a CC.

My question is, some friends recommended that I redo all of my pre-reqs at the CC and then move forward from there, but others have also told me that retaking too many courses, especially at a CC looks bad to ADCOMMs. Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding this topic?

Any kind of input would be very helpful!!

Thank you in advance!

I would look at the MSAR that is published by the AAMC. It lists which schools accepts CC credits. Some schools only accepts CC credits for only certain classes.