Should I retake math during my postbacc program?

Hello! I am non-trad student who graduated with an undergrad degree in Psych back in 2016. I worked in the mental health field the past 4 years and decided I wanted to pursue a medical track instead. During my undergrad days I did horrible in math my freshman year and received a D. I did not have much support from the department, and was told I did not have to retake it due to my major being psych. I did well in my future statistics courses though. I am currently in Post Bacc program that has a flexible timeline that gives me the chance to add in courses if needed. I am a bit embarrassed to apply to medical schools with a D in math, should I retake it? It is pricey to take a non science course in the program I am in, but I’m willing to go for it if it will make my academic background stronger and help me in my future classes.

Yes, retake the course. D is not passing. Math is counted as a science course.