Should I take classes, maybe do a masters, during application/interview period?


I do not have great stats, 2.9 cGPA with 32 credit of post-bacc with a 3.8 GPA. Currently studying for the MCAT which I will be taking during April. Basically, I am wondering should I be taking classes during the application cycle? Assuming I score more than a 505 on the MCAT I will go ahead and apply to medical school. I put my chances at 50/50 LOL not really but humor me. Should I be taking a proactive approach and start working towards a master’s degree while at the same time interviewing for medical school? I ask because it feels like if I do nothing I can potentially waste a year. If I do not get into medical school I would need to then go back to school for a full year to improve my GPA and upward trend.

p.s clinical, shadowing and volunteering is taken care of, so I am good on that part.


Personally, I would not pursue a master’s while applying to med school. If it were me, I’d want to give my all to applying and interviewing so I would only have to apply once. If you don’t get in and GPA is the reason, then pursuing a master’s might make sense.