Should we think about compiling a list ?

I know this sounds very SDNish, but I know I am not the richest kid on the block here.

Have we ever come up with the notion of compiling a list of “Non-trad friendly” schools??? A way to focus the application process a little better, spend less money on multiple applications, and to reward those schools that recognize our amazing talents with a pool of EVEN more of us???

I know the dictum is “apply broadly” but It just seems we could share our experience, strength, and hope with who has been friendly and helpful to us oldies…

For instance - interviews. I tanked on a scripted, 5 question, every gets the same list interview.

I’ve heard a lot of non-trads describe interview experiences that were unstructured, conversational, and that hit on points of interest in the student’s application. I KNOW from many job interview experiences, and as an interviewer myself, that these are the types of interviews I EXCEL at.

So, which schools interview one way…which schools interview another, which ones don’t throw the app in the trash the second they see your age??

Have we ever compiled a list???

Just throwing it out there…don’t kill the messenger…

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pathdr2be said:

“That said, we absolutely MUST invest our resources in schools that have invested in US or figure out a way to tip the scales in our favor. And blessedly there are TONS of other programs that appreciate what a super nontrad brings to the table and welcome us with open arms!”

Just trying to find out which ones are those other programs.

I was just thinking one creative way to collect this information is to ask members who are currently accepted, currently in medical school and physicians, share the name of their medical school, their age range and the year of matriculation. If they don’t mind sharing that information. No guarantees what worked for them will work for you, but you get a general idea what schools are non-trad friendly. I’m not sure if this is accurate, I always assumed DO schools were generally non-trad friendly since they tend to prefer well-rounded applicants. I could be wrong.

If my memory serves me correctly I believe that on the ACOM website you can tap into a document that shows applicat information to various schools, ages and etc. Dont quote me, hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

I like this idea…because I trust the folx here…

I didn’t follow all the discussion, I don’t know much about non-trad friendly but I have been mentioning several times that we should have an “alumni” section with names and schools of accepted OPMers. The list would help prospective applicants who target particular school and perhaps to ask people who have been accepted to give some info that can prove valuable.

But somehow this idea has not received any support so I guess I might be the only one liking it.

  • redo-it-all Said:
But somehow this idea has not received any support so I guess I might be the only one liking it.

I think it's a privacy issue. Having received a few "threats" to my professional future from folks I've communicated with online myself, I totally get it.