Sick of rejections Carib accepted me in less than 24 hours cost scares me

Like the title says, I have had it with the US school rejections; I don’t fit the mold of being 24 years old with a 3.8 and a 505. I have many years of health care experience adjusting thousands of patients insulin and diabetes medication. I work two full time jobs and recently got a 4.0 in 20 credits of upper level sciences but that doesn’t put a dent into my lousy 2.7 sci GPA . There is no doubt I can do this and plan to graduate at the top of my class. I’m just afraid of the $500,000 tuition/fees I will accrue. Can someone tell me it will be ok?

If the finances work for you then yes. You also have to consider the your risk tolerance. These schools have astonishingly high attrition rates and you could end up not matching as well. Understand your risk and make a decision from there.

Hard to say. Is there anything else in your application that can be addressed before jumping ship to the Caribbean? MCAT? cGPA? Other pertinent stats (volunteer/clinical/shadowing/research)? Has anyone reviewed your personal statement? How many times have you applied?

There is always risk associated with medical school and residency placement, but the risk of not matching goes way up with non-US med schools. As someone said above - depends on how risk averse you are. If you have no other means of improving your app and are confident that being a physician is your calling the Caribbean may be the way for you, but you better be damn sure of both of those things before packing your sunscreen and jumping into that tropical pool of debt.

There was an article a few days ago in the NY Times about foreign medical schools and their true residency match rate of ~50%. Something to consider.

‘I Am Worth It’: Why Thousands of Doctors in America Can’t Get a Job - The New York Times (

THanks and I did see that article. I few weeks ago I was able to secure a US program that will work much better for my family and I. Thank you

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Congratulations, that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Good luck!

I was accepted right away as well. I attending for a month and withdrew immediately after not doing well on my exams and quizzes. I studied like hell and honestly, I felt that the lectures were an insane amount and study guides provided by the school were elementary compared to how the tested on exam day. I only lost a small amount of money and learned for the experience. Some ppl go two terms before they figure it out. I’m now focusing on the mcat and prob going DO. It is what it is. If you find summarized lectures and an upper classmate to give you study sheets and old quizzes maybe you’ll be ok. I can’t imagine feeling how I felt after the exam a hundred times over and over. It’s terrifying bc you’ll get kicked out in a heartbeat.

Thanks for sharing. I am doing a post bacc at a school that has a medical school affiliated with it. If I can get at least a 3.7 in these upper level sciences I am guaranteed an interview at their school. Swallowing my pride of having to do yet another year before I can start med school, I have accepted this position and it is way better for me in terms of finances, logistics, school reputation not to mention my spouse and kids. All the best to you.