Silly question - post-bacc

I am wandering around in here and reading a lot and am curious. What the heck does post-bacc mean? I have an Associates’, a bachelor’s, and a Master’s degree. As I peruse application requirements, I have everything I need except Physics and all the Chemistry. I have been taking these courses one at a time at a local university. Is “post-bacc” something else I need to apply to med school? Am I going about this the wrong way? I thought I just needed to complete requirements, take the MCAT, and apply…am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything…post-bacc simply means undergrad level work done after you received your initial baccalaureate degree. Some folks choose to finish off their prereq’s in a formal “post-bacc” program, which can give structure, guidance, and guaranteed access to the courses you need. Others choose to do an informal, “do-it-yourself” route to simply take whichever courses we need.

Search post-bac or post-bacc on this site, and also check out the posts by Kate429 and Terra_incognita. Kate went through such a program, and Terra_incognita is currently going through one. They are much more familiar with the benefits of this; I am traveling the informal route, as that is what meets my needs at present.

Good luck!

Post-bacc also refers on medical school applications to ANY undergraduate level courses you have taken AFTER you have a bachelors degree. These courses will both be rolled into you your overall undergrad GPA and be listed and calculated separately as “PB” on your applications