Single dad and school choice

Have any of you been in a situation where you wanted to see kid(s) regularly during med school and had to consider the location as a major part of your school choice?

What if your favorite school was a 4hr drive compared to another good school that was 2hrs?

I want to see my teenage son at least every other weekend. If you or students you’ve known had a similar situation, how did you deal with the school choice and getting home to see your kid?

I have an acceptance to the closer school, but can rank my favorite choice higher in the TX Match. Just because I rank a school higher doesn’t mean I’ll get in. However, if they select me, I have to go. My lower ranked choice is taken off the table.

My heart hurts a little reading your post. If you’re already going to be in different town from your son and decide to go to the school of your choice, then you can think of it as getting on the road at 5am instead of 7am on the days that you plan to see him. That’s an extra 8 hrs of driving per month, right? But if you want to see him more often, the closer school probably makes more sense. What does your son think? By the way, congrats on your acceptance, and good luck with your decision.